Investment Management

Milestone Financial brings clarity to the management of your investments by designing well-diversified portfolios which reflect your unique goals and accommodate an ever-changing market environment.

We primarily use passively-managed mutual funds (similar to index funds but with an added layer of management) which have the benefits of discipline, low turnover, tax-efficiency and reduced costs, all of which have been shown to add measurably to investment returns.

Traditional mutual fund managers try to outperform or outguess the markets through stock picking or market timing. This often proves costly and ineffective, requiring higher volumes of trading and thus higher expenses, which in-turn affects net return. 

Milestone believes that a structured, scientific approach adds greater value and a higher level of consistency than one based on instinct and timing. We allocate portfolios along the many dimensions of expected returns, diversify globally, and stay disciplined through market dips and swings.

As a fee-only firm, Milestone Financial is compensated solely by its clients and takes a fiduciary oath to treat client assets with the same care and prudence that we would our own.



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