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Financial Planning

The Financial Discovery Process™

The Milestone planning process begins by focusing on your values, not your money. Our view is that creating a financial plan without the benefit of this information would be incomplete and less likely to succeed. We explore at the outset what is most important to you, detaching these values from your financial position and then integrating them within the context of your particular situation.

At the initial Discovery Meeting we learn about the goals that will be central to the financial plan, laying the groundwork for the preparation of a meaningful proposal. We then collect the nuts and bolts information necessary to analyze how much you might need to earn, spend, and save to reach your goals, and we identify your time horizon, investment constraints, and preferred level of risk. Lifetime cash flow projections are analyzed based on various future scenarios, leading to a set of probable outcomes and concluding with a specific action plan.

The costs for preparing a comprehensive financial plan are one-time only and correspond to the complexity of the services required.

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What Our Clients Are Saying:

Milestone Financial Advisors has consistently shown a strong command of the realities of our economy and the markets, even (and perhaps especially) during this period of uncertainty and downturn. I feel that they always hold my best interests front and center rather than playing to a particular set of investment opportunities (i.e. a commission based or sales approach.) Milestone does not engage in market timing - they believe in the historical arc of the markets but are, at the same time, acutely aware of opportunities that present themselves for consideration.— Wendy R., Small Business Owner