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Investment Management

The Investing For Life Process™

Milestone Financial Advisors brings clarity to the management of your investments with thoroughly-researched, diversified portfolios which reflect your unique goals and accommodate an ever-changing market environment. We utilize time-tested asset allocation strategies which can reduce risk while simultaneously allowing for growth opportunities. We primarily use passively-managed mutual funds (similar to index funds) which have the benefits of discipline, low turnover, tax-efficiency, reduced costs, and objectivity, all of which have been shown to add significantly to investment returns.

While traditional, “active” fund managers strive to beat the market by taking advantage of pricing discrepancies and by attempting to predict the future, too often this proves costly and ineffective. Because actively managed funds require more research and higher volumes of trading, their expenses tend to be much higher, which affects return. Over time, we believe a structured, scientific approach adds greater value and with a higher level of consistency than one based on instinct and timing.

Over time, a portfolio’s assets can drift, becoming more heavily weighted toward one type of asset or another. As part of our continual monitoring of your investments we may periodically need to rebalance your portfolio. Disciplined rebalancing keeps your portfolio in its proper alignment and can increase returns, since by definition rebalancing requires selling an appreciated asset class and using the proceeds to buy an undervalued one.

Asset management fees are determined by the amount of invested assets we supervise and are payable on a quarterly basis. As a fee-only firm, Milestone Financial is compensated solely by its clients and takes a fiduciary oath to treat our clients’ assets with the same care and prudence that we do our own. We receive no fees from product sponsors — our only financial incentive is to act in the best interests of our clients.

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